So grateful for each & everyone of you! Luv, Jessika

Michelle Dixon, Sydney, AUS // De-Armouring Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Mom of 3 // '16

A year ago I had dug myself into the deepest and darkest hole I ever had. I had gotten as far from my true self as I have ever imagined. I would like to say that generally, I am a happy, joyful person with a positive outlook to life who strives on uplifting others. At that time, I had developed anxiety, I was waking up at night worrying about life, I was getting angry about anything and anybody and I definitely wasn’t uplifting anybody.  


Four months before I met Jessika, I took the decision to split up with my husband of 7 years, move out with our 3 year old Daughter and my Mother. I didn’t deal with the feelings that go with such a huge change and the results were showing. I was attracting not very attractive relationships and my health was becoming compromised. 


I received an email from Jessika regarding a school function that both our daughters were attending and I couldn’t help but notice that she signed the email off with “Energy Mover & Shaker” and a link to her website. I got very curious and clicked right away. I found myself reading all the testimonials on her website. People were talking how great they felt and how Jessika helped. They seemed genuine and authentic. I went on to order a session with her. At the time I didn’t really have the funds but I guess I had a moment of clarity and I knew I desperately needed help to feel better so I thought I’d just figure out the finances later. Needless to say, I am very glad I made that decision and with feeling better finances got better too.


I’ve been seen Jessika for almost a year now but I will never forget our first session. I showed up not knowing what to expect. I wasn’t a religious or a spiritual person. I have never gotten a reading or any energy work done up to that point. She had me lay down on her table and we started with some breathing. I remember I felt calm and relaxed like never before. She started with questions of my intentions for meeting with her. She recognized the wounded warrior that I was right away. Recently separated, recently promoted to a manager at a big corporation, struggling with my new identity and most importantly struggling with a new relationship I didn’t belong in. I was running around on survival mode and I just couldn’t do it anymore. At the clarity state that I had reached that first session I realized as clear as possible that this new relationship was toxic and absolutely meaningless. I was Cinderella’s sister trying to fit my big foot in Cinderella’s little shoe. It was not fitting, it was obvious but I was so lost that I just kept trying. After my session I had the peace, the clarity and the power to move on.


A year later, Jessika has helped me through many challenges that life has offered but I am grateful the most for her unconditional love. I love that regardless of what I do, Jessika won’t judge me. And I have made some very questionable choices, believe me. At this point, I live anxiety free, sleep very well and I deal with things that come up with a lot more grace, love and power. I left many old behaviors and patterns in the past. I see Jessika every 3-4 weeks regardless of how well I feel because I am onto some big things in life and Jessika keeps me grounded and…sane.  She reminds me of who I am and just keeps bringing clarity and peace in my life. Every session is fun, a true treat to myself and best of all I leave flying full of joy.


During our work, Jessika has recommended me some amazing books to read which had helped me gain wisdom, knowledge and perspective on daily bases. I am self aware, grounded and loving because of them. The combination between Jessika’s work and the spiritual journey that she helped me start with these readings brought me back to light. I am forever grateful.


~Kalina, San Diego, CA, USA // Fitness - Nutrition Coach, Mom 

Highly recommended!! So I had the blessing of having many readings and check-ins with Jessika Davis! I always feel l like I've gone through a whirlwind right after, because she nails the facts right down! Her readings are always a wonderful experience! This woman knows just how deep to go; to get what you need out of you! Very cool past life readings and much needed cord cuttings! This reading left me shaking at times just from her energy and the releasing that was done! Thank you Jessika for the wonderful connection, your energy and laughter is contagious! And for the compassion you showed while digging deeper I cannot wait for another session! I always wake up feeling loads lighter and my goal before the next time is to have cleared my lower Chakras. ******Ask for a rose reading this definitely sets her apart from the rest! So compassionate and intriguing! Ps also received an amazing chakra set, alter cloth, hand picked and designed turquoise pendant and a couple other crystal goodies from Jessika, wonderful energy! I just love her and you will too!


- Kendra Lawson, Canada // Full time single mom, full time CSR, Reiki Master, Higher Priestess Practitioner level1™ & Lady Boss


I’m so happy that I came to know Jessika.  In addition to having a great sense of humor and easy to talk to, she’s uplifting, inspiring and gifted.   She’s helped me clear some blocked energy and get things moving.  Clearing old energy has made room for new and it’s directly benefitted my business.  Since I first started seeing Jessika, doors have opened up that were previously closed and I’ve met a lot people who are positively influencing the direction of my company.  Working with her has also helped some family relationships become stronger and more positive

Thank you Jessika! -Kacey MoeVue // Biz Owner, Mom