Intuitive Reading *Available in person or long-distance

During your one-on-one session, I connect with your higher self, your spiritual guides and channel any messages from Source to orchestrate your reading. We look at your fabulous strengths as well as discuss the issues you feel are holding you back. All messages that come through are for your highest good. We can call loved ones forward from the other side, release past life traumas, or simply explore which career path you should take! If you're trying to make a decision, I provide clarity. If you're feeling stuck, I help you see new possibilities. If you're in emotional pain, I can help you release it. This is an extraordinary opportunity to converse with the Universe! Readings can be done over the phone, via Skype or FaceTime or in Person.


You will receive a link to my appointment calendar within 24 hours of payment


Spirit lead life reading.


Crystal Healing Session *Available in person or long-distance

Whether you've recently suffered from illness, struggle with the trauma of an old wound, or feel deep emotional pain, I can help. Physical and emotional pain are often the result of built-up negative energy that we haven't fully addressed - at least not on the spiritual plane. Unless we shift that energy, it can continue to invade our physical realm causing us to feel the pain over and over again (chronic back pain is an excellent example). Pain forces us to truly examine ourselves, look deeply within, learn lessons and evolve! My gift is channeling spirit so that you can release old energy that no longer serves you and help you graduate to a new way of being. I'll also share tools on how to gently care for your spirit like a nutritionist helps you eat, and a trainer helps you get in shape.  My Healing work not only includes intuitive healing, clairvoyance but also as a Certified Crystal Healer includes the amazing energetic properties of crystals. Crystals Aide my work helping to clear the chakras, cleanse your aura, work on old contracts and much more depending on your needs.


All Private Long-Distance sessions are done over the phone or via Skype from my Sacred Space.  In-person Private Sessions are done in San Diego, CA or when traveling.  Check out my events page for details on upcoming events and cities near you.


You will receive a link to my calendar within 24 hours after payment has been received.




Space Clearing (1 - 4 hour)

We take such good care of our space when we move into a new home, office...rather any area. Cleaning every cabinet, dusting and so on, but there is still more work to be done. During a space clearing, I clear energies and entities that are lingering in your space from previous tenants situations that have occurred in your current or new area. My goal includes: Setting the energetic tone of each room, creating better relationships with “problem” neighbors, remove “entities” that share your space, protect your home and outdoor space, clear old energies and/or conflict energies from past roommates, spouses, and previous occupants.

*Price is subject to change based on square footage and mileage.  *Clearings are available in-person or remote (inquire about travel fees)


Crystal Grid

Intuitively Guided Custom Crystal Grid.  Includes mini 15 min reading to see where you are being led and what specific intention you want to set.  The Crystals are  Intuitively picked by myself, cleansed and programmed for your particular intention.  You may choose between a wooden grid or a linen grid placement.  All grids will be set and activated, and you will be provided with all the instructions for set up.    *Prices may change based on your wished and dreams for your Grid (Examples of grids could be... Love grids, health grids, wealth grids, happiness grids, room grids, house grids, business grids and anything else you can dream up)


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