Fav things

My favorite crystal book!  It has the best blend of spiritual and science.  And the affirmations are my favorite part.  The only downside is the pictures (don't get me wrong they are stunning) it is that they are museum quality and well the chances of you finding a crystal that looks like the one pictured in the book...well slim to none, unless you score a major find or are at a museum!

My Teacher wrote this book...it is such an easy read and has great examples.  Hibiscus Moon really knocked it out of the park.  If you are craving more info on crystal Grids this is where its all at!

This product is ahmazing! Shoulder Tension Release - is so good! You just have to try it!  The combination of cinnamon and peppermint is like no other!  

Such an awesome book.  It is one of my favorite getting started essential Oil book.

I love this report it is not only filled with fun information, but very much needed information as well.  My whole family has done it and we love it! Click here to be taken to the 23 and me site.

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