Life · November 16, 2016
Have you ever wondered if Animals and Children can benefit from crystal healings and energy work? Heck yes, Soulshiners! It is the same for them as it is for us. Just a shorter amount of time…mainly due to the reason that they are not as out of whack as us adults. They are able to recalibrate more quickly. Because they do not have as much baggage as we adults do. Interested in finding out more or booking a session for your self, your little humans or your fur babies. Check out my website f

Life · November 09, 2016
As Abraham would say (something to the fact) that if you shoot of your rockets of desire and stop battling your self and get into the vortex it all can become a reality. It is sooooo true. In my last jot I had mentioned that my family and I were displaced and all tho that is true in the current moment … there is a huge light at the end of this sitch. A place where if you stay focused and clear on what you desire…the universe really does conspire to make it all happen. It is so easy to get su

Life · October 19, 2016
When the shit hits the fan…you make Lemonade. Right? Well here I sit in an Air B&B, but not for a vacation, but rather a forced evacuation…due to a major leak in the Condo we rent. Yesterday it was our week and one day of not having access to our creature comforts. It took one week and one day to feel like I was at my stress max. You see you can only take so much before you feel like you are going to burst into millions of pieces of confetti into the air. My family and I we are troopers, we

Life · November 02, 2015
You know those moments where you feel the stars just line up perfectly? I like to collect them like my little one collects rocks and shells for her treasure chest. I am noticing now that I am paying attention to them...the time between one and the next one seems to be shortening. It is making me so very grateful for even the little things that this life has to offer. It is reminding me that what really matters is this current moment. I’m not thinking about the list of stuff that has to get do

Life · October 05, 2015
Where do you lie within that word? I know for me it feels really good when I show my true self… People like... my friends, family & community respond really well! I feel expansion every time I speak my truth. When I was younger I remember hiding behind so many masks. We do it to feel safe and secure; thinking that if we can control the outcome & put on a pretty face or a me