Anxiety · October 02, 2017
Advanced Crystal Master’s Go-To Energy Tools to Crush Anxiety & the Blues Anxiety and depression suck. When they hit it’s like someone sucked the air right out of your lungs & replaced it with a heavy, dark energy. I’ve had my fair-share of anxious & depressed moments, but out of the darkness I came to the light…& you can too. I didn’t do it alone. I developed a tool-kit of energy too

Anxiety · September 21, 2015
his topic sits near and dear to my heart as I dealt with frequent panic attacks in my 20’s…I totally get it. When you’re dealing with anxiety (whether you’ve hit the anxiety attack stage or not) you also start to feel bundled with depression and like you’re in a hamster wheel of constant ups and downs. When we get into our anxiety, we can’t stop our brain. We get into this flight or fight mode that puts us into constant alert. To move past these f

Anxiety · September 01, 2015
Hey Soulshiners! Today I wanted to talk about a humbling experience I had that taught me an important life lesson. There are 3 things I have always been good at: singing, swimming & being an intuitive. However, there are of course things I am not the best at & it has taken me a long time to realize that is ok. As a teenager I did competitive swimming. One day I was swimming in the ocean & I got caught in a rip current. I started swimming my hardest, doing everything I knew you were supposed to