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emotions  · May 27, 2015
The human experience....well guess what it boils down to emotion. Yes, you might be saying really there has to be more to it than that and well...the point that I want to focus on is emotion. Out spirits come down to be in a human form to experience emotions. Our loved ones on the other side do not feel emotion it is only when we are in our animal suit that we get to experience emotion. This can be intense at times because emotions are hard core and they rock are system. Even deep belly lau

Blogging · May 14, 2015
Blogging...Ugh. Just the thought is overwhelming to me. You know what scares me the be completely honest. The grammar police! ahhhhhhhh. scary. Grammar, spelling, not something completely on my radar. Want to know why because when I am writing I am letting it flow from my heart and soul and if I go into my head then that is where some dusty old tapes live on how maybe my writing may not be good enough and who wants to read what you have to say anyway kind of thing. So if I blog i