Hey Soulshiner...

Thought I would let you know a little about me.  I am a born Intuitive, I was able to hear & see things from the other side from an early age. I remember clear as day when I had my first clairvisual experience when I was 7.  Growing up in a strict religious family, I never chose to explore these gifts, but always kept them hidden. I remember in my 20's that it all got too overwhelming and I remember telling my now Wife that dead people were talking to me and well I thought I was losing it.  For many years and in current time I see a Healer of my own.  It was not until after giving birth that I answered my calling; Motherhood is one of my favorite things I have done!  I had been mentored for years by my wonderful Earthly Teachers & Guides, and it was time for me to spread my wings.  I took some classes on how to protect my self & harness the abilities that I have & quickly opened shop & I have been seeing Clients ever since.  I also realized that all the time I had spent working in Corporate America, they had been paying me to give readings!  Funny how that works. 


Don't forget to let your Soulshine,