All full of the good feelers!

All full of the good feelers!

As Abraham would say (something to the fact) that if you shoot off your rockets of desire and stop battling your self and get into the vortex, it all can become a reality.  It is sooooo true.  In my last blog I had mentioned that my family and I were displaced and all tho that is true in the current moment … there is a huge light at the end of this sitch.  A place where if you stay focused and clear on what you desire…the universe does conspire to make it all happen.  It is so easy to get sucked down the drain right?  We have all been there in one way or another.  But, the key here is to create the dream team that helps you remember so you don’t flush your self down the drain. The ones that lift you and push you to expand. The ones that love you unconditionally and can see you and witness you and hold incredible space for you.  A giant thank you to all of the beautiful brothers and sisters who have rallied for us during this trying time.  A big ole group hug!  Those of you who have heard me reference this before…it is so important to say again.  YOU MUST BUILD YOUR TEAM. Your Dream team! A team that supports you in your efforts to evolve and to level up!  It starts by building your self-care team.  Who will you start with and/or who do you have to thank this eve?

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