Go-To Energy Tools to Crush Anxiety & the Blues

Advanced Crystal Master’s Go-To Energy Tools to Crush Anxiety & the Blues

Anxiety and depression suck. When they hit, it’s like someone sucked the air right out of your lungs & replaced it with a heavy, dark energy. I’ve had my fair-share of anxious & depressed moments, but out of the darkness I came to light…& you can too.

I didn’t do it alone. I developed a tool-kit of energy tools to crush anxiety & depression in their tracks & I want to share my go-to tools with you!

Daily Grounding

Daily grounding is a practice…that means you have to practice it each day.  During my practice, I like to ground myself in my body and connect with the earth. I breathe deeply and sense what it feels like to relax. The easiest way to start out is thinking of yourself as a tree. Feet firmly on the ground, imagine roots coming down from your feet and going deep into Momma Earth.  When you feel stable, raise your arms up to the air and picture golden light from the Sun pouring in through your Crown Chakra and out your roots.  Boom your grounded.  Don’t you feel better already? I highly recommend you start a daily grounding practice.

Crystal Meditation

Another awesome way I bust anxiety & depression is with crystal meditation. I start by identifying the crystal that has the right energy to heal me & has the appropriate intentions. I then hold it front of me & focus my attention on it while I meditate. I clear my mind of all the chaos & tension in my life, leaving nothing but the crystal in my conscious awareness. I do this two times a day and try to do it for at least 20 minutes at a time. Trust me; there’s no way you can feel anxious after you do this a couple of times. It is a practice to stick with that has high reward.  Your mind will eventually get on board & chill the heck out.

Work with Crystals

When I use crystals, I choose them wisely. I use Lepidolite when I feel blue. This stone soothes my mind & help me release negative energy. I also use tourmaline when I’m anxious because it has incredible protective powers. I pair it with rose quartz for a calming effect that no amount of stress can penetrate.  You can create a pouch to carry crystals in, wear them, or stick them in your axillary pockets (aka your bra – if you wear one)


Our thoughts are either weapons that tear us apart or tools that build us up. When I start to feel that oh so familiar tightness in my chest I turn to my affirmations.  Grab a few of your favorites (pro tip – check out Louis Hay’s book called “You Can Heal Your Life,” for some incredible quotes) &  put them on post-it notes on your mirrors, walls, office desk…wherever you look frequently. You’d be amazed by how much this simple trick changes your thoughts…banishes anxiety for good.

Anxiety & depression doesn’t have to be the norm. You’ve got the power. Use it…when you feel down pull out your toolkit & crush anxiety…depression!