Collecting Moments 

You know those moments where you feel the stars just line up correctly?  I like to collect them like my little one collects rocks and shells for her treasure chest.  I am noticing now that I am paying attention to them...the time between one and the next one seems to be shortening.  It is making me so very grateful for even the little things that this life has to offer. It is reminding me that what matters is this current moment. I’m not thinking about the list of stuff that has to get done, but how I am feeling at this exact moment; how am I reacting- what am I choosing to think about the situation I may be in at that moment.  Because if I can adjust these essential items, the rest of the list seems so much easier to tackle. If I let my self-wander and start down the rabbit hole, I notice that I'm overwhelmed and then before you know it I have spun a web of old patterns.  Practicing bringing myself back to the current moment, brings me back to present time and it puts it all into perspective. 
Ok, so you may be saying "That all sounds great, Jessika, but how the heck are you putting this into practice?". Well, good question!  All of you who follow me know I am big on affirmation statements and applying them to your daily lives.  I feel the same way about keywords or phrases to help you get back into the moment.  I like to use funny words that make me laugh…that my brain, spirit guide, and angels can remind me of in the moment.  I use funny words because sometimes I take myself too seriously and humor is the best remedy for me.  Plus, what is more in the moment than laughing?  It helps your body, mind, and spirit.  So I get my team to say something like "monkey butts" or "leprechaun breath" and when I hear it it is an internal nudge to say where you at.  A reminder to giggle, breathe and let go or take a moment for yourself, take a walk or something to help you recalibrate and focus on what is essential at this moment in time and think about your intentions and the best way to proceed.
Start thinking about your word to trigger you and let me know.  I can’t wait to hear.