Does your anxiety have you on the hamster wheel again? 

Hey Soulshiners! Today we’re going to chat about dealing with anxiety. After multiple requests to talk about this topic on Periscope I did a quick scope that you can watch on katch.me Here is the link: http://ktch.tv/2gvf

This topic sits near and dear to my heart as I dealt with frequent panic attacks in my 20’s…I totally get it. When you’re dealing with anxiety (whether you’ve hit the anxiety attack stage or not) you also start to feel bundled with depression and like you’re in a hamster wheel of constant ups and downs. 

When we get into our anxiety, we can’t stop our brain. We get into this flight or fight mode that puts us into constant alert. To move past these feeling, I have a few suggestions for both physical practices as well as crystal healings. 


The first thing I want you to do is think of an affirmation that will help you push through the fear and anxiety. The thing about affirmations is you have to believe them. If you don’t believe them, they won’t work. Here are some example affirmations you can use: 

“All is well”

“Everything is working out for my highest good”

“I am worthy of the best love and life have to offer me”

Sometimes simply saying these affirmations doesn't do the trick because our mind fights back and tells us we are wrong. When this happens I want you to say “Thank you for bringing this up, but I’m choosing something different now.”  The brain needs to be acknowledged or it just gets louder.  That is why that phrase is perfect it lets the brain feel heard (because it was just trying to save your life, you know) and then it lets the brain know that we are doing something different know.  Acknowledge and retrain. That is the name of the brain game.

Step 2:

Another exercise you can do is a deep breathing exercise.  The sound you make comes from your diaphragm. This practice is something you may want to check out in the video, you can skip to 8:30 to see it.  It is very hard to explain in words because it is a vocal technique, but I will do my best…

When you’re fearful or suffering from anxiety we hold our breath. The more we breathe and the deeper we breathe the more our bodies respond, we know and feel we’re alive and we give our body oxygen.  Breathing allows the nervous system to relax, it allows you to breath into your fear.

Sit or stand up straight and practice holding in and letting go over you diaphragm. Then when you push your diaphragm out, you need to let go of all the breath you have with a deep, ugh sound. When you do this exercise you cannot breathe or have anxiety (and it’ll probably make you laugh!). 

Step 3:

The next thing you can do is close your eyes and picture and elevator. Now get into that elevator and travel it from wherever you are to all the way up behind your 3rd eye. This is actually a very uncomfortable place for us to sit, but after a while you will get good at. Once you’re there and ready to open your eyes I want you to think about your breath, breath deeply and say your affirmation(s). 

Step 4:

Crystals are supportive tool that can help you in addition to the above practices to help you push through your fears and beat anxiety. Some great crystals for anxiety are Aquamarine, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Calcite, Chrysoprase, Citrine.

You can choose any crystal that calls to you and choose between different sizes and shapes for various uses. You can use a crystal that sits nicely in your hand or one that you can carry with you in your pocket or your bra (the closer to your skin the better!). You can also use crystals in jewelry… I offer a new line of both wire wrapping and hemp necklaces in my ETSY store www.JessikaDavisEMS/ETSY.com

If you’re dealing with anxiety and need some help finding the right crystals for you, let me know and I can point you in the right direction. Remember: you are worthy. 

Peace, Love and Soulshine!