Being Human

The human experience....well guess what it boils down to emotion.  Yes, you might be saying really there has to be more to it than that and well...the point that I want to focus on is emotion.  Out spirits come down to be in a human form to experience emotions.  Our loved ones on the other side do not feel emotion it is only when we are in our animal suit that we get to experience emotion.  This can be intense at times because emotions are hard core and they rock are system.  Even deep belly laughing can leave you with muscle soreness the next day, but what about anger and sadness and grief and joy and those extreme highs and extreme lows.  Yep that is what our spirit came down to experience.  So when the going gets tough and that body is filled with emotion sometime our spirit does not know how to hang and it flies out and floats up above.  Saying wow that was intense glad we escaped that.  Sometimes it feels as if we are floating outside of ourselves or floating above ourselves and watching our own life unfold rather than being part of it.  I feel like as a society we have not been taught about how to deal with emotions. Some people stuff there anger so deep that it appears as outbursts or just plain grumpiness or worse.  Sometime we are lonely and we don't know how to ask for help.  Depression...the list goes on.  But guess what it is ok to feel sad and pain and even anger.  I am here to deliver the message that it is ok.  No seriously...it really is ok. The KEY to this is not to become an angry person or whatever else it may be.  Don't let your self go that far.  Go kick rocks, scream into your pillow, hike a mountain and scream at the top of the mountain *&$% off etc., Get that shit out.  Cycle thru it.  It is so important to your soul.  Let it out!!! Don't take it out on other people or let it fester inside of you.  If you need a good cry and you don't know why...rent Steal Magnolias like I do and ball your eyes out.  The message is feel it...IT IS OK...just don't become it. Make sense Soulshiners?