Blogging...Ugh.  Just the thought is overwhelming to me.  You know what scares me the most...to be completely honest.  The grammar police! ahhhhhhhh.  scary. Grammar, spelling, not something completely on my radar.  Want to know why because when I am writing I am letting it flow from my heart and soul and if I go into my head then that is where some dusty old tapes live on how maybe my writing may not be good enough and who wants to read what you have to say anyway kind of thing.  So if I blog it's going to have run on sentences and it also going to have a lot of dots all in a row like this...because that is what I do when I am not sure what punctuation to give or when I am running things together.  Because I write what I think, ha! People are either going to love this or be totally annoyed with it and you know what....I think all that matters at this point is that I am writing and I am writing from a less critical place within my self.  So here it goes.  It's my first blog post man.  Why tonight who know...I was jazzing up my website and bam.  A box came up saying wanna blog and I thought why not!  ooooooo want to know what else I am into? Explanation points!  wow, just wow!  I totally over use them...I am sure by the grammar popo standards, but when i take them out and replace them with the period it make the sentence not as passionate as I want it to be.  An explanation point is like the jazz hands of this alphabet symbol world...that is becoming my blog.  Ha!  I said it blog. How exciting!!! So as I am talking all my guides are like chest bumping and high fiving each other....spirit is excited that I am excited and is guiding me to say that this is going to be a platform for me to show me as a human and show you what the life of a healer is like...as Jessika Davis. So welcome to my world. Welcome to me.  Much love Soulshiners, much love,