Hey Soulshiner!

I am incredibly happy you stopped by for a visit. As an active life-long intuitive, I’ve naturally gravitated toward that which sets our souls on fire. As a formally trained Psychic/Medium, REKI and Advanced Crystals Master I adore getting to know my clients on much deeper levels. I cherish that connection and infuse my adoration for my clients in every product, service, and interaction I provide. I hope you find something that speaks to your soul be it my crystals, personal readings, house clearings or anything else I offer. And if you’re ready to get right down to it, please feel free to book an appointment with me today. Shine on, Soulshiner! 


Luv & Gratitude, 



As a Crystal Healer, crystals are my life. That’s why I happily supply intuitively hand-picked crystals and stones for you by me. I search Momma Earth high and low to bring you the best quality products.    Check out my Alter Accessories, jewelry, and soul-rich crystals and more!


Looking for a tune-up for your soul? Could you use the time to align your mind, body or soul? Then let’s talk. I use my lifelong intuitiveness as a Healer in San Diego to offer my services to people around the world. Join me in discovering all you can be with personal one-on-one sessions.


Utilizing gems to infuse water can be traced back to the Greeks and Medieval times. I’ve had the privilege to work with gem water in recent years, and I swear by it. I proudly now offer my clients all the natural goodness of this magical blend of soul-soothing awesomeness.


From scared circles to large photography events, to my crystals and transformational breath workshops, my events are ever-changing to meet your ever-changing life needs. Ultimately, my events are a place where Soulshiners gather. Join our community, dig deeper, learn, grow and evolve.

Fav things

I love sharing All of my favorite things with you.  Items that I use to enhance my Crystal loving world!  Jump on it and click around...there is some goodness up in here!  

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a super way to add more yumminess to your life.  Helping you to let your Soulshine!