Hey Soulshiner!  i am so glad you are here.  Please take Your time exploring my site.  As you know there are no Coincidences!  This is the start of your new journey...congratulations on taking your first step.  Luv & Gratitude, Jessika

Photos from the 2017 "Can you see the light" event. Photos: By World Renowned Photographer Jade Beall


Energy Infused Goodness from Momma Earth.  Crystals,  Jewlery and Altar Accessories to aide in helping your Soul to shine. All stones are hand selected and intuitively picked by me.


Join me for a tune-up for your soul.  A time to recalibrate, body, mind and soul.  I use my life long Intuitiveness, my work as an Advanced Crystal Healing Master, as well as my formal psychic training to assist you on your healing journey.


Utilizing gems to infuse water can be traced back to the Greeks and Medieval times. Thru the awesome work in recent years on the gem water, I am proud to offer this wonderful goodness to my clients.


The place where Soulshiners gather.  To join in community & dig deeper.  To learn, grow & evolve.